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Class Act Cats LLC

Class Act Cats LLC is a feline behavior consulting service serving the Twin Cities area. Consultations are available virtually or in home in certain parts of the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.

Is your cat more sassy than classy? Are they having trouble using the liter box, with aggression, or creating problems in your home? Are you anticipating a big life transition and want to ensure your cat is prepared to handle it? I’m here to help! Cat behavior consulting is designed to help cat parents and their cats live more harmoniously together in an effort to keep cats out of shelters and humans being able to improve their bond with their cat. I offer a variety of packages designed to address or prevent problem behaviors in cats. I use positive reinforcement methods whenever possible and take a scientific approach to behavior modification so it will be minimal stress for cat and human!

If you’re ready for a happier cat (and thus a happier you!), check out my website for more information. We’ll turn your cat from sassy to classy!


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