We need small businesses in our community and we need to make it easier to connect with them.

Although it has been exciting to watch the growing support for shopping small and local, we realized it’s actually difficult to easily find so many of the small businesses in our community.

Not every small business has a physical location (making it difficult to just “google” them) or a website (as many small businesses promote themselves on social media or online marketplaces) and we want to make it easier to find them.

Support Small Twin Cities is dedicated to making it easier to find, engage, and support the Small Businesses of the Twin Cities community. Support Small Twin Cities offers an online directory that is FREE to use for both small businesses and the community.

What small businesses do we include? ALL! We love our makers, designers, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, boutiques, plant shops, personal services, stylists, salons, spas, business services, health & wellness, vintage, brands, markets, food trucks, photographers, and more!

Check our current list of categories. Don’t see one that aligns with your business? Let us know!

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What You Should Know

Support Small Twin Cities offers an online directory to identify the small businesses

Start looking for local businesses. Check out our directory!

It is FREE to add your small business to this site

Just add your info on the submit page. Also, we know things can change so know that you can also edit your page at any time.

Support Small Twin Cities invites you to engage with us with your feedback.

We are here to learn and grow. If we can make this site better, let us know!

Have a small business?