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B to Z Design Lab

B to Z Design Lab is the brainchild of the combined friendship and creative partnership of Lama Kmeid Beaine and Joyce Bassil Zerka, which blossomed into a thriving event design and styling boutique. And with their focus on custom decorated chocolate favors and treats, B to Z Design Lab is bringing a touch of sweetness to Minnesota and beyond.

Joyce and Lama first met as transplants in the Twin Cities, both having recently relocated from Lebanon and California. Their shared experiences and interests quickly bonded them together, and they soon began envisioning what it would be like to create a venture of their own. But when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, it seemed like their dreams would have to be put on hold.

But not even a global pandemic could stop them from pursuing their dreams. For two years, they kept the fire burning, planning and discussing their vision for the future. And in May 2022, they finally launched B to Z Design Lab, a venture that reflects their passion for creativity, hospitality, and delicious treats.

As Lebanese-Americans, they are both deeply rooted in their culture, and they want to share it with the world. One of their most cherished traditions is Dyafe, an age-old custom that involves offering a variety of food and sweets to guests as a sign of hospitality and generosity. And when it comes to Dyafe, chocolate is an essential element. That's why B to Z Design Lab specializes in custom decorated chocolate favors and treats, perfect for special occasions like weddings, engagements, new baby arrivals, and much more.

But for them, every day is a reason to celebrate. After the challenges of the past two years, they know how important it is to savor life's sweet moments. B to Z Design Lab is their way of sharing their love of food, culture, and creativity with the world, one delicious treat at a time.


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